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National Service Scheme (N.S.S)

The National Service Scheme is a noble Youth Activity of our country started in 1969 on the occasion of the birth centenary of Mahatma Gandhi. The main objective of NSS is 'Education through Community Service'. " Not me but you" is the motto of NSS which means every person should realize that not he alone or she alone is important but the society in which he or she lives is on the whole important. NSS activities are multipurpose as well as multidimensional in their nature. And in practice, these activities take an important part to the service of mankind and in execution of the process of formation of the future generation of the country through various constructive programmes. The phenomenal success of Science and Technology in his service has made man forget the long cherished values such as love, peace, co-operation and tolerance etc. Materialism and its comfort shifted the importance of life to mere acquisition of material health. Further Globalisation has thrown the values out of greater life.

The modern dehumanised materialistic civilisation has been neglecting human values. And, it is only the NSS activities which can lead young ones to become more meaningful and fruitful to the society which in an extended sense encompasses the entire humanity. As NSS has launched the movement of Awareness, Sensitization, Motivation, Dedication, Service etc. its thousands of volunteers as well as dedicated teachers from schools and colleges are always active and sincerely busy in inculcating the basic principles and values of NSS among the student community through their society- friendly programmes and issues as Environment Enrichment and Conservation, Women's Development and Gender Justice, Production orientated programmes. Education and Recreation, Health, Family Welfare and Nutrition of the weaker section of the society, Social Service, Relief and Rehabilitation, Socio-Economic Surveys, Health Awareness and Scientific Awareness Generation etc. Involvement of Youth in Social Activities is a crying need of the day. Shouldering of Social responsibility should be through projects like NSS.

West Bengal is one of the first few states where NSS has been introduced since its inception in the country in 1969,. But over the years, it could not hold the momentum and has now slipped from the top run in the arena of NSS. In the days to come, NSS activities will further be strengthened to take it to the optimum level by sincerity and commitment of all concerned.